About Us


Welcome to Fugola home of quality furniture. We believe the design and provide of truly original high-quality furniture is borne from our passion and care to detail and commitment to fully integrated design and manufacturing processes. Quality designed products, delivered by our experienced team of craftsmen. We start with a tree and finish with beautifully crafted furniture. We are based in Turkey and all natural materials are from sustainable ethical sources.

Your way to come to Fugola .

We're not exaggerating when we say we're quality fanatics. We love that our furniture will become part of your home and we take that responsibility seriously. For more than 12 years we've built designing the  quality home furnishings that exceed expectations and last for generations.  

Every furnishing we build is a one of a  kind masterpiece, handcrafted by a world-class team of talented craftsmen. We start with the finest materials, employ the most technologically advanced production methods, and embrace continuous improvement to exceed our own world class standards. 

That’s why we check the quality and integrity of each piece at every step of production. From the seams of sofa to the finish of a table, we review each product as if we were buying it ourselves.   

At Fugola , we're more than a home furnishings brand. We're the people behind the brand. We're the service behind the products. And we're the  commitment to accountability to our customers, our employees and our community.

Product Quality


The Frame

Each frame is made from engineered hardwood which is specifically made for the furniture industry and supported with metal  frame.  The grain in the middle three layers of this wood runs in the same direction to prevent splintering during assembly of the frame using staples or screws. Once we have cut the frame out with our state-of-the-art technology, we assemble the pieces. We ensure sure solid, lasting construction with a combination of staples, screws, glue, and corner blocks. Our frames are built to withstand years and years of loving use. 

The Foam

We use only the highest quality of foam to help each Birchwood piece keep its soft and comfortable shape. In addition to being well-made, the high-resilience foam we use is considered to be the good types of foam in the industry.

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